17 June 2009


Gotta like the sign too...

Doin' it Chicago style in the heart of Dixie

NOTES: Dave Wilson of Baton Rouge, La. points us at his local weenie stand, Chicago Al's Hot Dog Emporium.

Dave (who also shot these photos) is our friend Jim Wilson's brother but collectively, they are known as The Wizard Brothers.

Jim lives in NYC but both are originally from Marion, Kentucky, across the Ohio River and 10 miles from Cave-In-Rock, Ill., Uncle Frank's ancestral home. Jim plans to retire in Baton Rouge.

Al is well known regionally as much for his food as his music.

The following link is a song from his album "Hot Dog Man" (click on the link).


No web site (yet).

UPDATE: We got a phone call from Chicago Al this afternoon and he's a fun guy!

We traded a few hot dog stories, explained what we do here, discussed web site design, etc...