02 July 2009


The Frankie Award for Hot Dog Excellence

The envelope please...

This year's recipient is Let's Be Frank in San Francisco and as former residents of "The City" ourselves, we have to admit a tinge of bias but Larry, Sue & Wendy are doing a terrific job.

Let's Be Frank certainly has a hot dog for everyone, from their grass fed beef (uncured, hormone, steroid and nitrate / nitrite free) hot dog to a whole range of other sausages (Brats, Italians, etc). They also have a vegetarian dog but we'll overlook that just this one time...

Besides their new San Francisco store front, they have a cart at Crissy Field, a trailer in the LA area and several dozen retail outlets in shops and stores throughout California.

Let's Be Frank also has pretty fair public relations and the shop was designed by award winning architect Cass Calder Smith.

And there's a complete line of merchandise (T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, aprons) and condiments (Devil Sauce, a spicy relish) as well.

The web site:

Well done!

*Sorry, we lost count somewhere between when we first presented them in 1982 and 1995, when we got our first PC and started keeping much better records of such things. For a complete list of the recipients, please see our web site.....