10 July 2009


My brother Jim and wife Gail checked out another Ohio weenie stand yesterday.
Hot Dog Heaven in Avon is 20 plus miles from Jim's house in Cleveland Heights and they have another location in Amherst, wherever that is...
Hot Dog Heaven has 3 different dogs, regular, jumbo and Kielbasa, a number of specialty dogs and major toppings. They also serve corn dogs, burgers, chicken and fish sandwiches, chili, salads, cole slaw, sodas (No Coke, Pepsi!), floats, milk shakes, malts, sundaes, slushes and flurries (sounds like something you'd resurface a street with), parfaits and ice cream.
Hot Dog Heaven makes their fries from scratch with fresh (never frozen) Idaho potatoes, cleaned and cut daily and fried to order in cholesterol-free canola oil. Jim says the orders of fries are huge (and his favorite) and their meal cost them $13 and change...
Jim also tells us he's dogged-out for a while and we thanked him for doing his bit for National Hot Dog Month.
Hot Dog Heaven's web site: http://hotdogheavenohio.com/