02 August 2009


An article in today's paper (The San Diego Union Tribune) mentioned something we'd never heard of before: Spam Hot Dogs.

That's like taking one of the very worst and one of very best things in the world and mixing them together.

We'd hazard a guess that they won't be far from the MRE (Meals, Ready To Eat) hot dogs the military serves in their battlefield grub (as you may remember, we talked Wes the Welder into trying them for us several years ago)...

The article about award winning Spam recipes was written by Peter Rowe (he also writes a regular column about the local beer scene) and although we'll never try them, perhaps one of our readers already has and would like to tell us about it?

See that article here: http://www3.signonsandiego.com/stories/2009/aug/02/lz1c02spam173410-can-do-spirits/?uniontrib

Check out the Spam Hot Dogs here:

The web site also has several recipes using this product.