14 September 2009


We don't have a name for this creation and it's way, way, way too rich for me but I do have to admit that there's something there...

I took a couple of bites but the wife only had one bite, spit it out and then rinsed her mouth out (she's lactose intolerant and the Cheez Whiz was just too much for her).

My brother Jim does this at home and he uses Old English Cheddar cheese (or maybe he said extra sharp American cheese) but we're close with a skinless Nathan's dog, CheezWhiz, slice and a half of well done bacon and a smear of French's Classic Yellow Mustard.

Cook off the bacon first, butterfly the dog and grill it (he also boils them on occasion), then put it all together and grill it like a grilled cheese.

We'll try it again using his preferred cheese the next time (I'll take a few photos too)...