09 February 2010


"No Reservations"

The Travel Channel

Host Anthony Bourdain once again illustrates why he'd be the perfect celebrity spokesman / partner for The Hot Dog Hall Of Fame when he travels through the Hudson River Valley in this episode.

One of his first stops is a floating weenie stand (Dick's Dogs) while he and a couple of his yachting set friends take a sail boat up the river.

After that, he stops at various resorts, restaurants and other points of interest along the historic waterway, including a local sausage maker.

See their web site here: http://www.quakercreekstore.com/

Mr. Bourdain also stops by a taco truck, visits the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), matches wits with an 11 year old girl (and loses!) and finishes off his trip with lunch with comedian Bill Murray, who lives on the river, just outside of New York City.