22 June 2010


Click to enlarge photo - Used by permission

HOT DIGGITY DOG by Adrienne Sylver (illustrated by Elwood H Smith) is for sale now.


TFC: What lead you to writing this book?

AS: I actually heard a piece on NPR that stated Americans eat two billion hot dogs a year in the month of July alone. That little fact sent me on a research mission, and everything I read about the hot dog spurred me to further research. There’s just so much fun stuff in the dog’s history that I knew kids – and hot dog lovers – would find it fascinating.

TFC: And do you have a favorite hot dog?

AS: If you’re talking brand – not really. I did grow up outside of Cleveland and loved to eat hot dogs when I went to Cleveland Indian games. There’s just something about a hot dog in a stadium. My husband, however, really prefers Sabrett’s (but, then again, he grew up in New Jersey – home of the Sabrett).

TFC: What do prefer to dress it with?

AS: I love a good chili dog with cheese (grated, not melted) and onions.

TFC: Got an amusing hot dog story or joke to share?

AS: Well, I guess it’s a bit ironic, but one of my children will not eat hot dogs. She doesn’t like any variety, not even a veggie dog. She still liked my book, though.

TFC: Got a graphic we can use to point our readers at your book?

AS: I’ve attached a jpg of the cover of Hot Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog. It was illustrated by a fantastic artist – Elwood H. Smith