12 June 2010


Even though this has absolutely nothing to do with anything else covered here, as a Webster, it's my duty to go on record now to stake my claim to another concept.

It started when The Boy took his new 42 inch flat screen HD TV over to his girl friend Stacy's townhouse.

He had just bought a new entertainment center for it and now, it's looking kinda smallish to him and they are now discussing buying a 50 or even 60 inch set.

Always being the one to surf considerably behind a high tech wave (it's well plowed ground and a lot cheaper by then), I urged them to wait until next year, when they can pick up a larger 3D set for considerably less than it'd cost them now.

It would be an 3D HD TV (a 3V)...

I'm willing to bet the term is in common usage several years from now and you heard it here first, folks!