17 July 2010


To be fair, we should first apologize to Chris Schutte, the Inventor of the Hotdog EZ Bun Steamer, for taking so long to review it.

Second, we should also acknowledge our bias toward grilled wieners.

That said, we enthusiastically endorse the Hotdog EZ Bun Steamer.

It does what it does very, very well.

We tested it this afternoon (The Boy came by for lunch) with The Original Nathan's Famous Beef Franks (with natural casings) and Albertson's house brand, Wonder Bread style buns. It took very little time, all was done perfectly (I even enjoyed the generic bun) and as you can see by the web site, it's certainly affordable.

Finally, it comes in larger and smaller sizes and we'll be testing it again soon (this IS National Hot Dog Month), only steaming some weenies in beer, maybe a cheezy dog and shoot a few pix this time...

The web site: http://hotdogezbunsteamer.com/

UPDATE (22 August 2010):

Mr. Schutte was kind enough to send us several of his cookers and my brother Jim in Cleveland Heights finally got a chance to check it out yesterday. As we said above, we generally grill the dogs around here but Jim is the guy best suited to checking this device out as he prefers his dogs boiled or steamed. He tells us pretty much the same thing: the Hotdog E-Z Bun Steamer is tops in what it does.

PS: We also noticed Mr. Schutte now has an expanded version of his commercial on TV (Legal Zoom dot Com)...