14 September 2010


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We got a package in the mail yesterday from the Cleveland Heights Websters (my brother Jim, wife Gail and No. 2 son Charles) and the Sugardale hot dog bobblehead (they call it a Bobster) shown above was included.

As you may remember, they had found one of these earlier but decided to keep it for their own small collection of hot dog items (Jim is a huge Coke collector and what goes better with an ice cold Coca Cola?)....

Notice the photo shows "Mustard" written across the base (they also have a catsup and an onion version)...

Charles and Gail went to a ball game there last week and discovered that they sell the Bobsters in the souvenir shop and grabbed one for this collection. They also found a set of refrigerator magnets with these same hot dog characters on them.

Jim also snagged a paper cap and business card from Ilene's Dog-N-Suds in nearby Elyria.

Thanks, guys!