26 September 2010


New dogumentary from Connecticut

See several video clips and pix here:

A few Questions & Answers:
TFC: Please tell us a little about yourself and your project
MK: My name is Mark Kotlinski, and I am an independent filmmaker that has worked on a number of different projects involving music, art, and culture. The idea for A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour came about after I decided to relocate back to my home state of Connecticut, after living in NYC for many years. At the time I knew I wanted to work on something locally that was totally different from my earlier projects. One day I saw a local restaurant featured on one of those Food Network/Travel Channel shows and the idea hit me. Connecticut has always been known as a place that’s passionate about it’s food, whether it’s Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, or Seafood. I thought why not do a film about Hot Dogs? I could take fans on a road trip through Connecticut’s hot dog history; highlight the state’s variety of hot dog stands, their house specialties, and local hot dog culture. Now with the release of “A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour” on DVD, people can take the trip along with us.

TFC: Got a favorite hot dog?

MK: Depends on the mood I’m in. Most days I like a hot dog with mustard, hot relish, and onions, but some days I go for a Chili Cheese dog with onions.

TFC: Got a story to tell us about putting this thing together?

MK: Yes, one Saturday morning we were in Fairfield, CT shooting at Rawleys Drive-In, and this group came in wearing the same colored t-shirt and it read “Ask me about my wiener.” So we asked them on camera. It turned out they were on their own Hot Dog Tour, through New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Boston. We found out later they actually planned on stopping at two of the stands featured in “A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour.”

TFC: Got a future project in mind?

MK: I have a couple of other ideas in mind. One of which is an expanded version of the Hot Dog tour, where we visit stands in other “Hot Dog” states. We are also looking at producing a new tour of Connecticut, but this time featuring a different food as the topic.

TFC: Ever heard actor Christopher Walken's hot dog rant? He's a (Wilton) Connecticut resident and would dig your film...

MK: I had not heard of it until you asked me about it, so I looked it up. Wow! If it’s true, then he definitely needs a copy of “A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour” on DVD…