17 October 2010


Arby's Onion Rings

Several years ago, when Arby's dropped the regular french fries for curly fries only, I quit ordering fries there.

Recently, they announced they had added onion rings so I stopped by to check them out.

They are real onion rings, not that reconstituted onion powder thing you find at Burger King, for instance.

You get a total of 5 large onion rings for $1.99 plus tax which means they cost you $.40 each.

Unfortunately, when my order came up, they tried to serve me room temperature rings from the heat lamp (not at that price!)...

Sonic's New Larger Burgers

And I checked out Sonic's new, larger burgers today.

I couldn't finish the double (they are definitely much larger).

Nothing else had changed (same toppings, same fries, etc)...