07 March 2011


Recently, I asked the guy at our local Sonic if he'd grill me their footlong hot dog, hold the chili and onions (I wanted to see what their dogs taste like when they're grilled).

When the car hop brought it out, I couldn't detect that it had ever even seen the grill but I did notice an ad saying they now serve smaller all beef hot dogs; a New York style hot dog (grilled onions, kraut and spicy mustard), Chicago style dog (with the 7 toppings in a poppy seed bun), a Coney Island (a smaller version of their footlong chili cheese dog) and an All American Dog (mustard, catsup, relish & chopped onions).

I made another trip over to scenic Santee this morning (the wife was with me after doing our weekly grocery shopping) and we ordered the New York and Chicago dogs (she had a burger), and we split the fries (no salt) and a Coke.

No sooner had they taken my order when one of the guys walked out to tell me they were out of the poppy seed buns...

When the New York dog arrived, it didn't really smell too good, it was greasy and it really didn't taste too good either, but hey, I ate it...

I wasn't impressed and although I would normally come back to taste it again just to be sure, I won't this time.

And evidently, this promotion is only available through March and April of 2011.