31 July 2011


As usual, this National Hot Dog Month's activities included the Catsup Bottle soiree, The Nathan's contest and The Great Hot Dog Cookoff.

TUBESTEAK TV: And we caught a number of wiener related programs on the tube such as the Nathan's contest; "All American Food Festivals" visited The Frankfort Indiana Hot Dog Festival and "Rhett & LinkCommercial Kings" on IFC created a commercial for Vicious Dogs (LA area).

And doing our own small part here at home, we had home made corn dogs, Italian sausage sandwiches, brats in beer, 3 Weenie Salad and the always affordable $1.61 CostCo special (Kirkland hot dog with all the fixin's and a Coke).

For the second year, we did not present The Frankie Awards for Hot Dog Excellence, this time due to both of our health problems...

Finally, our latest acquisition (we bought 2 of them, actually) - large scale hot dog puzzles Mrs. Uncle Frank found online.