30 October 2011


1) Sonic's new Mushroom Swiss Toaster Melt Sandwich

Normally, these are served on Texas Toast, which is way too much bread for me so I asked to have it on a regular burger bun.

And they come in 2 sizes, one for the kids and the regular quarter pound adult configuration.

I also asked for mine plain, that is mushrooms, Swiss cheese and mayo only. There were no surprises there, a solid, workmanlike burger and reasonably good mushrooms, but we had to send the fries (no salt) back as they were cold when they were delivered.

Our total (the wife had a single burger, no cheese) was $9 and coin, an even $11 after tip, on a sunny Sunday morning in scenic Santee...

2) Burger King's new Chef's Choice Burger Meal

It's a tasteless hockey puck of generic ground meat, mediocre mystery sauce, lifeless toppings (limp bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato slices and onion slivers), stale bun and served up by clueless employees with a side order of cold onion rings.

Or, as they put it: "A flame-broiled 5.5 oz burger patty, made with USDA certified ground chuck seasoned with salt and pepper, a thick slice American cheese, Naturally-smoked thick cut bacon, Fresh cut romaine lettuce, red onions and ripe tomatoes, our original grill sauce on an artisan bun".

I don't think so (first off, I haven't been able to taste the "flame broiled" for years now)...

We walked out before they ever brought us the reheated O-rings. Don't get me started about the raw nerve of throwing something like that to a customer much less having the unmitigated gall to drop them into the deep fat fryer again and try to serve them a second time, especially at the price they charge for them...

The meal was a whopping $8.11, a complete waste of money.

3) Carl's Jr's new Steakhouse Six Dollar Burger

I have to confess that I just haven't been able to force myself to check this one out.

I got all the way up to the line at the register to order a few days ago but then walked out.

I used to love Carl's Jr way back in the early 80s but after years of seeing them almost always filthy, both here and in Squarefield (Restaurant 101 says to clean the glass on the front door, at least), I just can't force myself to eat there anymore.