07 October 2011


1) Ohio hot dog joint from 'M.A.S.H.' stays in family


2) Reel Roaster Hand-Crank Marshmallow and Hot Dog Roaster


3) Wynder's Spiral Cut Hot Dogs


4) It's Burgertime!

We checked out Wendy's latest today (Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 1/2 lb Double) and it's the same old, same old when it comes to the toppings but the meat patties appear to be bigger and the bun is toasted.

I have to confess that I used to love Wendy's when they opened up their first Silicon Valley location (late 70's / early 80's?). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to say that for many, many years now although this burger does seem to pull me back to the good old days. One more thing: the ad photos show quite a bit of cheese between the patties which just didn't seem to be the case today.

With the Coke & Fries (no salt) Combo, I spent $7.53 (it was too early for The Darla's lunch)...