03 January 2012


Over the past year, we've seen National Hot Dog Month and all that that entails, come and go once again.

And we've been awarded our 13th Hamburger Helper Award (in a row, no less!), presented by Hamburger Harry of The International Hamburger Hall Of Fame for contributions to Harry's great burger collection.

We've seen a few changes around La Casa Weenie, we've added a significant number of items to this wonderful collection (35 or so at last count), we've met a fair number of new people and made some new friends, we gave away the basis of The Great American Hot Dog Machine III (the VW trike), we're negotiating on several deals, nothing we can tell you about at the moment and we've added several more blogs:

About the collection: http://TheHotDogHallOfFame.blogspot.com

How we got into the weenie trade: http://TheGreatAmericanHotDogMachine.blogspot.com

That leaves us with a total of 38 blogs, 2 web sites and a couple more on the way.

On a less upbeat note, we've also seen a number of industry stalwarts (Murray Handwerker of Nathan's, Gregory Papalexis of Sabrett's) and a few personal friends (Jim Wilson, for one) go on to that great weenie stand in the sky...