11 August 2012


Publication Date: November 14, 2012 ISBN-10: 0759120730 ISBN-13: 978-0759120730

Whether you call them franks, wieners, or red hots, hot dogs are as American as apple pie, but how did these little links become icons of American culture? Man Bites Dog explores the transformation of hot dogs from unassuming street fare to paradigms of regional expression, social mobility, and democracy. World-renowned hot dog scholar Bruce Kraig investigates the history, people, d├ęcor, and venues that make up hot dog culture and what it says about our country.These humble sausages cross ethnic and regional boundaries and have provided the means for plucky entrepreneurs to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Hot dogs, and the ways we enjoy them, are part of the American dream. Man Bites Dog celebrates the power of the hot dog through an historical survey and profiles of notable hot dog purveyors. Loaded with art-quality color photos and descriptions of neighborhood venues and flashy push-carts from New York to LA and with recipes for cooking up hot dog heaven at home, this book is the ultimate source—informative, fun, and tasty—on the role of hot dogs in American culture. It’s a must-have for the dog fan, the foodie, the pop culture maven, and the street cart obsessed.

Bruce Kraig, professor emeritus at Roosevelt University, is a noted food historian and widely sought-after expert on the lore, allure, and culture of the hot dog. He is the top dog.

Patty Carroll is an adjunct professor of photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She specializes in photographing American popular culture and has exhibited widely in Chicago, with shows on hot dog stands, Elvis impersonators, and American suburban lawns at night.

PS: The Professor says he mentions us in the book...