11 October 2012

RetroDog in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

To crib a line from The Rolling Stones, our under assistant east coast promo man (OK, my brother Jim) stopped by RetroDog in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio earlier today.

He had the RetroDog, a half beef / half pork dog with chili, his wife Gail had their White Hot, a veal / pork combo with Cleveland's own Stadium Mustard.

They also serve an all beef dog.

He also reports that the employees literally killed him with kindness (Thank you, Lisa!), it's a beautiful building, their fries were excellent, the burgers looked great and their buns are made locally.

There's a fairly large selection of shakes, floats, sundaes, cups, cones, dips & drinks including home made root beer and an Orange Cream Float featuring their Show Case Orange Soda & vanilla custard. Jim says the rest of the menu looked equally good.

He was much impressed and says he'll go back soon, this time to check out their foot long hot dog and maybe their burger. He also said that he hopes they build one a little closer to where he lives (Cleveland Heights). Their web site: http://www.retrodog.com/