12 December 2013

It's Burger Time!

After the wife did her monthly Wal-Mart run, we stopped by Burger King to check out their new Big King at their National City location.

Essentially, it's a Big Mac clone (OK, everybody sing along: "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles on a toasted sesame seed bun...").

Their description: Our new BIG KING Sandwich features two savory fire-grilled beef patties, topped with, melted American cheese, fresh cut iceberg lettuce, crisp onions, crunchy pickles, and featuring a sweet thousand island style dressing, all on a warm, toasted, sesame seed bun.

Mine had no lettuce, was mainly flavorless (couldn't taste the sauce or the "savory, fire grilled beef") and I tossed most of it after several bites.

Like the Big Mac, there wasn't a lot of sauce to taste, anyway...

While I was at it, I also checked out their new crinkle cut fries (SATISFRIES).

Their description: BIG TASTE, LESS FAT, a new great tasting crinkle-cut french fries with 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories. Satisfries are cut from real, whole potatoes and fried to tasty perfection – so they’re always crispy on the outside, and hot and fluffy on the inside. You heard it here, incredible things are happening to French Fries.

My order was not cooked quite enough, despite standing around, waiting for it and the fries were also flavorless, so I tossed them too...