10 July 2009


Jim & Gail discover another notable weenie stand in the Cleveland area
As you may remember, my brother Jim said he was done checking out hot dog stands for a while, but...
He had the Angus burger today but Gail had the split & grilled hot dog, they shared an enormous order of fries and I'm sure some sort of soft drink was also involved (call it a hunch).
The few reviews we found say they also cook the dogs New Jersey style (deep fried) and Jim will get around to checking them out the next time he makes it over that way (Mentor is approximately 20 miles east of his house in Cleveland Heights).
Scooter's is nicely decorated with murals, rules of hot dog etiquette & slogans painted on the walls and a nicely restored (or replica) gas pump from early last century (Jim sent us a number of pix). The front of the building is typical Midwestern brick, there are 2 walk up windows on the left side and the menu boards are nicely done as well.
No web site.
Thanks again, Bro!