10 July 2009


Woodies chili cheese dog

This morning, after my appointment at the VA Hospital in nearby La Jolla, we stopped by Woodies for lunch on our way home. We've eaten there numerous times since we moved here, just over 6 years ago now, and it's always the same: I order the Woodies combo, hold the mustard and the wife goes for the pastrami sandwich. And it was that way again today.

I'm not much for pastrami but the wife swears it's pretty good, the fries are very similar to Mickey D's but it's the chili cheese dog I'm here for. Woodies is almost 15 miles from here (we don't make it over that way very often) but it's the best we have here in the San Diego area, especially since both Dog Outs went under a couple of years ago.

As it is National Hot Dog Month, I slid my card to the guy at the window and made sure to tip him handsomely ($5 - hey, it's a weenie stand)...

And they used to have a web site but no longer (different owners).