01 April 2010


1) Man -vs- Food

South Carolina

The Travel Channel

In this episode, host Adam Richman visits The Roast Grill in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area of South Carolina, which is home to 3 colleges, Duke, USC and another one (I forget).

He eats 17 hot dogs with chili and mustard in one hour, establishing a new record over the previous one of 16 dogs..

Their web site:

See the video clip here:

2) Food Tech

Hot Dogs
& Beer

The History Channel


Host Bobby Bognar spends an hour talking about our favorite food.

Unfortunately, we missed it last night but it'll invariably be on again soon.

Their synopsis: An afternoon at the ballpark isn't complete without a few trips to the concession stand. Today, more than ever, food service venders offer increasingly finer fare, but American fans still eat more hot dogs than any other ballpark food--22 million a year at Major League ballparks alone. Have you ever wondered what really goes into a hot dog? What does a pine tree have to do with its shape? When you wash it down with a draft beer, would you believe a flower is responsible for its bitter taste? And, there is more to that tasty morsel at the bottom of a Drumstick than just sweetness. Bobby Bognar travels to Washington's Yakima Valley to help farmers grow the spice of beer. In Michigan, he uncovers how a special hybrid of popcorn is vital to making Cracker Jack. In Arkansas, he reveals wood pulp is responsible for giving hot dogs their uniform shape. And in Missouri, he discovers the culprit responsible for the mustard stain on his shirt.

In the meantime, there is a 3 minute video on their web site: http://www.history.com/shows/food-tech/videos/hot-dog-tech#hot-dog-tech

They visit Cloverdale Meats in Mandan, North Dakota (just outside of Bismarck) and you get to see the Frank-O-Matic in operation.

The History Channel web site also shows full episodes but this one hasn't been posted yet...

3) Food Wars

Sonoran Hot Dogs

The Travel Channel

Host Camille Ford takes us to Tucson in tonight's episode.

Tucson claims to be the home of both the Sonoran hot dog (Tijuana Tubesteak with beans, jalapenos and other toppings) and the chimichanga and this show is about the competition between 2 brothers.

See a short clip about Sonoran hot dogs here: http://www.travelchannel.com/TV_Shows/Food_Wars/Episodes_Travel_Guides/Tucson