19 December 2010


1) We recently tried Wendy's new natural cut fries with sea salt.


2) And I dropped by my local Mickey D's recently to try their new Double Quarter Pound Big Mac.

It turns out that I had heard the commercial incorrectly and there's no such animal.

As Roseanne Roseannadanna would say: Nevermind...

3) And we recently discovered Nessy Burgers in North County.

We haven't visited them yet but the owners are Websters.

Their web site: http://nessyburgers.com/

4) Home Made San Francisco Sourdough Burgers

It's been a long time since I had a burger as I can't have beef (or shellfish, alcohol, garlic, dark green veggies, sweets, nuts, chips, grapefruit, etc).

We re-created the Co-Co's classic with grilled sourdough bread, sauteed onions, mustard and dill pickle slices...

It was pretty good but even the freshly ground beef from Albertson's was greasy and flavorless (the ground top sirloin experiment next).

5) And I stopped by Sonic to try their new, larger burger.

I couldn't tell the difference, other than the size...