05 January 2011

JIM WILSON - Rest in Peace

We lost a good friend today.

He was a brilliant guy and made numerous contributions to the newsletter and this blog over the past 10 years or so.

Many of you may remember the review he did for us when Shake Shack opened.

Jim was a very talented guy and at various times, wrote for the National Lampoon, Penthouse, and a number of other national publications, collaborated on the book "Junk Food" and was also Art Director of the Mr. Bill series from TV's "Saturday Night Live".

Jim also had a passion for wild custom bicycles and many of you may have seen his web site: http://www.bikerodnkustom.com/

I suggest you take a look if you aren't familiar with it as it will undoubtedly be taken down soon.

Jim is survived by his wife Kas, their daughter Stephanie of New York City and the rest of the family in Baton Rouge, La.

Our condolences and deeply felt sorrow.

We'll miss you, Jim.